SASFT members from Spectra Premium Industries presentation from ITB Automotive Fuel Systems in Shanghai regarding plastic versus steel fuel tanks.

Steel fuel tanks provide cost-effective, fully recycled zero-emission solutions for hybrid vehicles including plug-in hybrids. Steel's superior strength and stiffness for pressurized applications and its design and manufacturing flexibility for integration are unmatched by other fuel tank materials.

Steel fuel tanks have been widely used since the early days of the automobile's development. Thus, a strong history of performance, safety, low cost, and recyclability of steel fuel tanks has been established. Steel tanks are better suited for today's demanding environmental and engineering performance requirements.

Chevy Volt Steel Fuel Tank

Strategic Alliance for Steel Fuel Tanks Develops Methodology for Manufacturing Low-Mass Steel Fuel Tanks for Advanced HybridVehicles.

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Steel vs. Plastic Fuel Tanks

STEEL is your sustainable solution!! Uncover the true benefits of steel vs. plastic fuel tanks here...