The Ford Mustang's Fuel Tank is 100% Recycled

Ford Mustang

Since its inception, the Ford Mustang’s attractive style has stirred up excitement in generations of car owners. Although the classic American muscle car has been redesigned a number of times, one thing remains the same – many of its parts are constructed of high-strength steel.

Since 1994, Ford’s Dearborn Engine and Fuel Tank Plant has produced the Mustang’s steel fuel tanks. Made of highly formable interstitial-free steel, these fuel tanks are durable, cost competitive, meet the California Air Resources Board emission standards and are 100 percent recyclable.

Ford MustangThe steel has Electrogalvanized Zn-Ni coating, with a thin epoxy coating on both sides of the sheet steel, provides effective corrosion resistance externally to road environments and internally to today’s fuels.

A dry film lubricant coating is used to facilitate metal flow in forming.

The Mustang’s fuel tank features a saddle shape with 12.2 inch lobes (from the top of the hump to the bottom of the lobe) and 3-D seam welding, which follows the complex contour and tight radii of the flange. The Mustang’s tank holds 16 gallons of fuel. In addition, it has a thin wall, allowing for higher fuel capacity and less unusable fuel (less than 0.1 gallons) in comparison to a plastic design.

As automakers strive to meet the new standards for fuel economy, steel has gained a resurgence of interest for automotive fuel tank applications. Today’s steel fuel tanks are lightweight, reduce green house gas emissions and lower a vehicle’s total carbon footprint.

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