The Nissan GT-R Supercar Boasts a Steel Fuel Tank


Steel fuel tank popularity is on an upward trend for a number of reasons. High-strength steel’s capability to conform to highly complex shapes, its superior performance with bio-fuels, its low evaporative emissions and technological advancements in press technology all help make steel the material of choice for fuel tanks in today’s vehicles.

The Nissan GT-R supercar – a legend in styling and performance – features a number of advanced high-strength steel technologies, including a steel fuel tank.

The luxury sports car’s tank takes advantage of the newest press technology for fuel tanks. The middle portion of the fuel tank curves like a horse saddle to accommodate the installation of the drive shaft. Unipres Corp., the manufacturer of the GT-R’s tank, used its press technology called “Super Deep Draw” to meet these design requirements.

This press technology has also enabled steel fuel tank manufacturers to reduce the sheet thickness of steel while maintaining high rigidity, diminishing the weight difference and increasing potential fuel volume in comparison to plastic tanks. Whereas a plastic tank would need approximately a 5 millimeter thickness to maintain strength, the GT-R steel tank can be less than 1 millimeter thick.

The popularity of steel tanks is also being driven by the growing use of bio-fuels. Steel tanks stand up to ethanol and bio-diesel fuels, while plastic tanks may experience increased evaporative emissions at mid-level ethanol contents and surface deterioration with rich bio-diesel fuels.

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